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Automobile Accidents – Motor vehicle accidents are our primary focus area. These claims range from minor fender-bender and whip-lash cases to death and permanent disability. Over the years auto insurance companies have become increasingly resistant to paying the valid claims of accident victims. Hospitals and other medical service providers have also adopted unscrupulous tactics to extract money from the injured instead of waiting for payment from the insurance company. Even in the clearest cases of negligence, insurance companies attempt to shrug their responsibilities by minimizing or disputing your claim. You need a knowledgeable and dedicated accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, the at fault party’s insurance company may ask you for a statement. Insurance adjusters will use the information you provide against you. Do not provide a statement until you have discussed the case with an accident attorney.

Wrongful Death – These claims arise from the death of the victim caused by the negligence or intentional misconduct of another person. Nothing is more painful and tragic than unexpectedly losing a loved-one. Although no amount of compensation can replace the loss, the estate of the deceased is entitled to compensation. Insurance companies and defendants will, nevertheless, vigorously defend these cases.

If a family member has died because of someone else’s conduct, seek legal counsel immediately. Do not provide statements or participate in interviews without an accident attorney. Your attorney will step-in and deal with the at-fault party, so you can attend to your family and have room to grieve. Our intent is to reduce the burdens during this time and get the compensation the family is entitled to.

Nursing Home Abuse – Nursing home abuse can involve any harm to a resident of a long-term care facility. It may be a physical or emotional abuse, financial exploitation, unacceptable conditions, or other forms of abuse. Families who put their trust in nursing homes only to have that trust violated may have valid legal claims and should consult an attorney.

Often aged-care facility abuse goes undetected. Sometimes the elderly are afraid of, or unable to communicate about the abuse. If you suspect nursing home abuse contact a lawyer. Our attorneys are eager to zealously pursue legal claims for the elderly who are mistreated in long-term care facilities.

Product Liability – A victim of an accident involving a defective product is entitled to compensation. Most product liability cases involve either a design or manufacturing defect. Design defects occur during the product design and development stage. A dangerous design results in a defective product. Products with safe designs may nonetheless be defective as a result of problems in the manufacturing process. Products can also be defective for failing to provide adequate warnings of risks and unsafe instructions. The law of product liability has expanded to cover a wide range of accidents traceable to the marketing of a product as well as to its design and manufacturing.

Premises Liability – All owners and occupiers of land and buildings have a duty to keep visitors safe from dangerous conditions. The extent to which they must go to warn people of dangers, make repairs, restrict access, and discover hazardous conditions depends on the use of the premises. Businesses must use the most care in protecting patrons. The most common types of premises safety failures cause customers to slip or trip and fall. Injuries can also result from unsafe doors, dangerous stairways, poor lighting, inadequate security, ceiling collapses, falling shelves and displays, and other conditions resulting in accidents.

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